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How much does your tips cost?
Our tips are highly inexpensive. You can find our pricing plan on this page

How do I make subscriptions?
You can make payments via bank deposit, Debit Cards, Neteller or Wire Transfer.

How many matches do I get for subscribing?
You get at least 10 matches sent to your email daily.

How can I get access to your free tips?
Our free tips are posted on our site daily. You can also check the free categories for that.

Can I get tips sent to my email or my phone?
Yes you can. We currently send tips via E-mail. We would introduce our phone service soonest.

How guaranteed are your tips?
We provide well researched tips by a team of seasoned experts. All in all we score over 75% in our picks

Do I get a refund for failed predictions?
At Betloy, we send you tips everyday for the duration of your subscription. If a tip fails today, be rest assured that we would do our best to make it up for you the next day.

What are the payment plan options?
We have a weekly, Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months and Year subscription plan. You can find our pricing plan on this page

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