Is It Worth Paying For Tips?

Is It Worth Paying For Tips?

20Sports betting, sometimes gets a bad name but the truth is, it isn’t much different from things like investing in the stock market. While the two are not one and the same, it’s hard to ignore the many similarities. Both require you to take a risk in order to earn a high return and if you play your cards very well, you are well on your way to making consistent profits. You could also argue that each requires skill (yes, sport betting requires skill)  and experience to succeed. The Bad Name, involved with sports betting, is usually due to the following reasons:

  1. A lot of People Do Not mean business in sports betting. Imagine a person who calls himself an Expert Tipster, and what he does is to just look at the STATS/FORM; No Form Of research, No Feedback Analysis, No Trend Analysis, No Team Analysis, Absolute Noting. This Just ruins the whole thing because at the end of the day, the customer is left mostly to the winds of Chance, and has nothing tangible to hold onto.
  2. The Second reason for the Bad Name, is because of the high rate of Fraudsters, Falsecasters, Desperate Scammers, who use the gamblers bait technique to lure Desperate people into their ‘Get rich quick’ Scam. These ones don’t even care if you win or loose. What they do is raise your hopes. At the end of the Day, you are no better.
  3. Then we have the third reason, which is the High amount of Traditional Gamblers. The traditional gambler will be a long term loser because they gamble without edge and proper money management. These are action Junkies, that want to double their Salaries, or cash out quickly; so they stake all their school fees, or salaries on a sure game. Sometimes it works, but sometimes, it also fails, and when it does, everyone is quick to say ‘Gambling is a SIN’ but the real problem was with the person who made an Uninformed decision.
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Contrary to the popular belief, sports betting is a much safer play than stock market if you approach it with an investors perspective. Earlier on I said, you will need Experience and Skills also, for sports betting. What do I mean. The Notion that in sports betting however, your profits are not dependent on your experience or skills, is an Uninformed notion. You need Skills and experience, in Observing Trends, because we are considering as much as Over 100  Leagues, Playing a series of matches, between 29-35 weeks, and each team, competing for one trophy.

So, is it worth paying for tips? If I was to speak on impulse and give you a blanket average answer, then it would be in the negative and that wont be a honest answer. There are indeed, some incredibly talented tipsters, who charge reasonably a month for tips and does their research so well, that they can tell you if a midfielder from the Danish Reserve League is suffering from a cold.  Are the tips worth £30 a month? damn right they are.  They research and find you information that you couldn’t possibly find yourself and he actually pays informants using the cash to then go and get more info from even more obscure regions.  I’d pay double the £30 for info like this which is like gold-dust.  However, they represents around 2-3% of VIP tipsters, That know how to play their game well, and don’t subject you to the winds of chance.

Another reason, why Tipsters charge for tips,  At times, is because, for those few who seriously do it, it’s a time consuming job doing this, So their need for financial reward. Now as for you who is paying the money into their pockets, You Need to just ask yourself, what are you getting for your cash?  I guarantee you now, whether it’s a yearly fee of £9.99 or £5 a month, if you’re paying someone and thinking “well it’s only a fiver” or “well it’s only a tenner” then you’re exactly the kind of person they want.

In recent reports it is estimated that 97 out of every 100 VIP tipsters is charging you to simply provide you with information that you can already find for free on the internet, and about 70 out of every 100 VIP tipsters aren’t even providing you with any information at all apart from merely a “tip”.

So If Someone claims to run a ‘VIP Tipping Service’, what should you expect?  Because, don’t be fooled, its not just merely about TIPs, It involves an enormous amount of work and pressure in people paying for your advice.  That VIP service MUST provide a detailed write up of every single tip, and often, includes info that had been dug from the depths of everywhere.  The aim is to provide a service, not just a mere ‘tip’.



Our Strategy.

At, our focus is to deliver consistent winning tips for you. We are not Scams, telling you to pay for any fixed games, NO; we believe the only way to stay ahead of the bookies is to know more than them. We are not a tips supplying factory, that just post tips for the fun of it. We mean business. We provide a Service, that involves, Passing Games through series of analytics and conditions and come out with the Most reliable of matches to give our users. We also send This Detailed reasoning and information,  to our Users, In  their mails. On the website, you can access match codes for all the matches. We give you latest happenings concerning the Sports Diaspora, on our blog, so that you are updated with all the info you need. We would do that work for you. And that is why you can know how reliable our tips are.

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