Winning strategy for the week.

Winning strategy for the week.

As we enter a new and improved week, we wish to lay down our planned out strategy to make maximum profits from the bookies in the coming days.

As it is well said, a Goal without a strategy is a mere illusion. Many people set out with goals like, “Bet9ja must pay” , “This week is my lucky week” Etc. It’s no wonder we have more loosers than winners in sport betting.

One Customer (Name withheld) won N49 Million from a stake of N1500. Another, won N132,000 from a Stake of N7000 using a method called The SPLIT COLUMN BET METHOD.



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This win happened last month (25th of May). This are the strategies picked from this Win:

  1. Take Opportunity of Weekends: Our resources are limited. We cannot afford to be betting daily. Its is Financially and emotionally exhausting to do this. This is why it is best advised to start your betting from weekends, most preferably Saturday and Sunday. We have a plethora of games during the weekend. So much to choose from that you would exhaust yourself if you haven’t prepared beforehand.

You can bet for a stretch of 2 days (i.e Saturday and Sunday games) or you play each day differently. I would advise to play separately. You dont want to have heart attack from waiting for the next day after the present day has all gone through.

Smart work suppases hard work in this generation. At the end of the day, results matter most. Make use of prediction site that consciously want to win. It’s not just about using stats. You need to be conscious about winning.

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2. Favorites to win: A careful observation of our winner’s ticket shows a striking revelation: He picked about 31 games and selected the favorites to win in 99% of them. Like I said earlier, Smart work wins the day, Hard work wins the century. You want to win the day, as you might not stay long to even see  the century to  win it. Upsets has become the bane of the betting industry. It would have been easy for everyone to win with this strategy, as it takes nothing to select 31 favorite teams to win and stake them. What you find out is that 1 games will usually flop the whole ticket. However, this win here shows us that, it still works, so don’t stop trying. Every week set a budget of N1500, and select 31 favorite teams to win and play it. It might just be your lucky day.


3. Specific Options: Many of us like to Bet on different options 1.e Home win, Over 2.5 goals, Both teams score, Under 2.5 goals, Combos, Draws, HT/FT, etc. Different options like this makes our bet interesting, however it actually also contributes to regular losses for many bettors. It is best to stick to one option – Home Win or Draw. Most teams are likely to perform well when they are on home turf. Betting against a home team, no matter how weak that team is is a big risk to your ticket. Using only one option (Home Win or Draw), is not an easy task, but as time goes on you become a regular winner at it and this also qualifies as working smart as your are not wearing yourself out looking for non existence possibilities. Focus on ONE THING.

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N132,000 FROM A STAKE OF N7000

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This Win happened on the 9th of June 2019. The strategy used here is what we call SPLIT COLUMN BET. This is when you pick more than one bet from a single game. Example, You accumulate

Barcelona Win at 1.56 odds

Juventus Win at 1.30 odds

Lazio Win at 1.30 odds

Total Odds- 2.50

If you then add Barcelona Over 2.5 goals to this ticket, it will split the ticket thus creating a SPLIT COLUMN BET, becoming two tickets:

Barcelona Win at 1.56 odds

Juventus Win at 1.30 odds

Lazio Win at 1.30 odds


Barcelona Over 2.5 at 1.55 odds

Juventus Win at 1.30 odds

Lazio Win at 1.30 odds.

 In order to win, you need to make a right guess of at least one pick under the same event. So Even if one of the selections fails, you can still win something.

To calculate potential winnings, you should obtain a sum of the winning picks related to the same event, and multiply the sum by other winning odds and by the amount of your stake per single combination.

With these two laid out strategies, we are definitely well on our way to make huge wins.

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