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  • August 3, 2017

Neymar Signs 5-Year PSG Contract At £198m – A Grand Master Strategy

Neymar Signs 5-Year PSG Contract At £198m – A Grand Master Strategy

Neymar Leaving Barcelona For PSG Poses More Opportunities Than Threats

Brazilian football expert Tim Vickery, who has followed Neymar’s career from the start said: “It’s no coincidence that all this has arisen after Messi signed a new contract.” “There were three options: Messi moving on, Neymar replacing Messi, or Neymar moving on. It looks like we’ve got option three.”

The move to PSG at £198m will bring considerable financial rewards for Neymar and his entourage, but it is also driven by careful career planning, according to Vickery. “Neymar’s entire career has been taken step by step by step, with the idea of not only winning club titles but winning the World Player of the Year award,” he says.

Betloy soccer analysts hint that when Neymar made his move to Barcelona, it was for a reason. He knew he was going to a well-established team with a huge star like Lionel Messi, to be properly mentored and maybe one day, become the World Champion. Neymar duly went from strength to strength training and playing alongside Messi.

Neymar told La Liga World in May:

“He is an idol in football,”

“I’ve been here for almost four years and I’ve learned a lot from him. I’ve learned everything, how to shoot, how to be attentive on the pitch and how to move the ball.”

Neymar also learned how to take responsibility. The Brazilian has often impressed when Messi has been missing in recent seasons, and he was famously influential in Barcelona’s extraordinary Champions League comeback against PSG. With Luis Enrique’s side staring at elimination, Neymar scored twice, won a penalty and played the pass for Sergi Roberto to complete the 6-1 victory.

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That performance alone showed that Neymar is ready to take the spotlight for himself. PSG do not have the historical stature or European pedigree of a club like Barcelona, but Neymar will be their undisputed figurehead. “The most important thing is there’s no one to challenge his No 1 status,” says Vickery. “He has been brought along slowly but he’s ready to take it on for himself now.”

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It’s a bold move from Neymar to leave behind the comfort of Barcelona and his MSN colleagues, but it could be the making of him. In the years ahead, we can only hope to see if this Grand Master strategy pays off.

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