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  • October 19, 2016

List of Top Bookmakers in The World

List of Top Bookmakers in The World

Hey guys! today we are going to review a number of global bookies and show you the perks or cons of each one of them. Kindly note that this post is not an endorsement or promotion of any website. Our goal is to show you platforms where you can make the most of the football predictions on our website. This list is not in any particular order.


List of Top Bookmakers in The World

Bet 365

Bet 365 is among the leading bookmakers on the planet. It was founded in the year 2000 by Denise Coates and only had 12 staff at its inception. Amazingly, in just over 10 years the employee count has grown to over 2000 employees and are Bet 365 is today the largest employer of labour in Stoke-on-trent city.

They have a wide range of sports and activities available to bet on even financials (Stock exchange sort of). They have an amazing welcome bonus that amounts up to £ 200 approximately $ 245. Also, the odds on their platform are one of the best you can find when compared to other global bookmakers.

Another amazing feature of Bet 365 is the In-play Cash out option. This feature greatly added to the popularity of the bookmaker. They offer a 100% deposit match worth up to £200

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William Hill

William Hill another giant when it comes to bookmaking was founded by William Hill in 1934. At that time, he was taking bets via mail and telephone. Betting was not legal and it took a great deal of work to establish a reputation among punters when the industry was not regulated.

Eventually betting became legal 27 years after and William Hill set up his first bet shop in 1966. In 1998, they were the first bookmakers to start an online betting platform. This move completely revolutionized the betting industry.

The welcome bonus on William hill isn’t as juicy as that of Bet 365 and their user interface is a bit grumpy for a 21st century betting website. But all in all, they have a great customer service team and have a wide variety of sports you can bet on.


Betfair sports exchange are the pioneers of developing an online bet exchange service. This is not a traditional bookmaking concept as it totally cuts out the bookmaker making it possible for punters to bet against themselves. In a simpler term; Betfair does not fix odds the way you have other bookmakers doing rather the odds are determined by the punters who are placing bets.

The only way Betfair makes money is through commissions when you make wins.


Ladbrokes has been in existence for a very long time. In fact they can almost be named the grandfathers of sports bookmaking. Ladbrokes was formed in 1886 by Aurthur Bendir after seeing an advert for a certain “Ladbrokes Hall”

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They have a gracious welcome bonus of  £ 100 which is great but not as mighty as Bet365. But you can not blame them , not many bookmakers are that generous.


Skybet was founded by the already familiar Sky sports network.


Paddy Power

Paddy power was launched in 1988 by three Irish business partners. They have grown from the little shops in Ireland to an international brand to be reckoned with. They launched their online betting platform in 2000 and they almost immediately became among the giants in the Industry. They are reputed for offering very controversial bets and aggressive marketing.

They have a huge range of betting options and cover a wide variety of sports.



BWIN which was formerly know as Bet and Win was launched in 2006. Although Bwin is a more recent Bookmaker when compared to the others, they have been able to develop their brand and service to a great standard. Bwin does not offer fantastic bonuses and offers which is a bit of disappointment considering how big they are. Bwin is strictly online and as such do not have any shops like other football betting sites.

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