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  • December 4, 2017

How To Withdraw From NairaBet

How To Withdraw From NairaBet

Withdraw Your Winnings Or Cash From Your NairaBet Account

After depositing money to fund your NairaBet account, and winning some extra cash on the games you staked on. What comes to mind next is withdrawing all or part of your money.

How to go about this is usually the next line of thought.

This post aims at providing you with a step to step guide on how to withdraw your funds form your Nairabet account

Steps on withdrawing your winnings

Step 1:

navigate to www.nairabet.com on your web browser and log into your account.

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How to withdraw from naiabet_1

Step 2:

On the top-left -corner of the screen, Click on “My Account”

Step 3:

A new window similar to the one below will emerge. From the list of options, click on “withdraw”.

Step 4:

Another window showing the withdrawal options will appear. You are required to Select the account you wish to send the money, add a new account. If you already have a bank account linked to your nairabet account, jump to step 7. If you don’t have any linked account, click “New”.

How to withdraw from naiabet_2

Step 5:

A new set of options will appear. Choose your bank from the lists of banks available.

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How to withdraw from naiabet_3

Step 6:

Insert your account number and choose the type of account associated with the account number, and click “Save”.

Step 7

Select your account,  by ticking the green circle beside it, and fill in the amount you wish to withdraw, then click “Make Withdrawal”.

Step 8:

Confirm the withdrawal and wait for your credit alert.


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