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  • November 3, 2017

How To Login To SportPesa

How To Login To SportPesa

How To Change/Reset SportPesa Password and PIN

Have you Forgotten your SportPesa password? If yes, you need not worry. Your account is safe and you can access it again.

Forgetting our password is a normal thing because we operate numerous accounts and tend to confuse the password of one with another.

If you are in such predicament, just follow these simple steps.

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How To Change SportPesa PIN

Step 1:

In case you have forgotten your SportPesa PIN, first create a new pin by sending “CHANGE PIN#XXXX” to 79079 (where XXXX is any 4-digit number of your choice as your new PIN and should NOT start with zero (0)).

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Step 2:

After doing this, wait for some a moment, and you will receive an SMS saying “Your PIN has been changed.”

How To Reset and Change SportPesa Password

Step 1:

Visit the SportPesa website www.sportpesa.com or log on to the SportPesa mobile app then click FORGOT PASSWORD.

Step 2:

On the tab labelled “Fill in to reset password” fill in your Phone Number and PIN then click on “Get Reset Code”.

Step 3:

A reset Code will be sent to you via SMS

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“Your Reset Code is LQH63K”.
Get this SportPesa pin reset code and type it in the new form provided, then type your Phone Number.

Step 4:

Create a New Password and also fill the “Confirm Password” and finally click the “Reset Password”.

If you put a password like 1234 you will get this alert “Incorrect Sportpesa password format! Use at least 6 characters.
You can use letters, numbers and periods.”

Step 5

After putting an Alpha Numerical Password correctly, click “Reset password”.

You will get the alert that “You have changed your password successfully”.

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