How to Bet on Friendlies

How to Bet on Friendlies

More and more friendlies are coming our way these days. Last week alone we had about 300+ club friendly matches, and as the season starts in a few weeks, we would be expecting more friendly fixtures. Apparently, as the new season begins to unfold teams are testing their new squad all in preparation for the new era.  It’s a famous saying and believe amongst football bettors that  “never bet on friendlies, they’re too unreliable”, however, I’ve been able to make some good profits on friendly games, most especially betting on  teams that I already followed closely during their seasons.  So here is a little guide for you on how to make the most out of betting on friendlies!



Before you bet on any friendly make sure you know the lineup.  Some big sides will start their friendly campaigns with fringe players and it’s important to know this. IN this age and time  The best place to find lineups is on media channels, most especially Twitter.  What I do is just search on Twitter for “TEAM NAME XI” and more often than not you get the result.  Follow some team accounts in preparation and make sure you know if they are playing their first teamers or if they’re sending a load of amateurs over instead!

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You have to remember that in friendlies, it’s a game of two halves more than ever.  Some managers will change their entire 11 players at half time so the game can completely swing.  If you’ve seen that your side has a decent lineup at kick off, ignore the full time markets and concentrate on just half time results.

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One thing to bear in mind when betting on friendlies is that sometimes red cards don’t actually count, or they are wiped clean at half time.  This really depends on the type of fixture it is and the understanding between the two clubs, but as both sides are essentially trying to prepare for their upcoming seasons, sometimes they will allow a player who has been red carded to be substituted instead.



It’s usually the case, when two clubs meet that we have one side at home, the other playing away from home. However this is usually not the case in friendly matches. Most friendlies are played in neutral locations, no one is at home and therefore such considerations would not be important to factor in forecasting.

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