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  • November 6, 2017

How To Get SportPesa Predictions

How To Get SportPesa Predictions

Get Accurate SportPesa Football Predictions

SportPesa is undeniably the most visited sports betting portal in Kenya. With a beautiful and user-friendly interface, punters in Kenya and other East African countries would attest to the fact, that SportPesa gives bettors and punters an opportunity to make extra income from sports betting.

But the underlying truth to making winnings from sports betting sites like SportPesa anchors on how accurate your predictions are.

Perfect prediction accuracy may sound cliche or unrealistic because no one controls the outcome of sports matches. But accuracy can still be achieved when the right forecasting principles are applied when predicting a match.

These principles would aid and show you how to make highly accurate predictions of games when betting on SportPesa, and where to find them as well.

 accurate footbal predictions

How To Get SportPesa Predictions

1.) Check the stats

“Don’t rely on stats. Stats can be deceptive”. Ever heard such statement before?

Well, to some reading this, this may not be new to you; but to others, this may sound alien.  Truly, stats are not everything you need to ascertain a game’s possible outcome.

The stats should only serve as a visual guide of how a team plays, their current and past forms, how they play when home and when away, and how they respond to different gaming conditions.

For example, a team topping the table of their league can still concede a home loss to the team manning the bottom position of the table. Yet the bookies favoured the home team. We have seen this happen countless times. Why and how?

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2.) Head-To-Head Analysis

Taking a head to head historic analysis of both playing team is tantamount to Attaining a high accuracy in prediction. A team that tops the table might have a playing pattern that is inept to another team somewhere at the bottom of the league. This would most likely cause a very competitive game void of goals or a disadvantageous outcome to the team topping the table.

Doing a run through of how both teams play is a great way of mitigating unwanted surprises to your advantage.

3.) It’s Not Always About The Odds

When doing your homework to select which bet to place per match. Don’t focus on the odds when doing our analysis. The odds are generated by bookies, after doing their mathematical statistical and probabilistic calculations on every possible outcome. The team with a lower probability of a certain outcome would always have a higher side of the odds.

4.) Current Form Over Big team names

Always consider each team current form before making a prediction. How have they been playing? How many winning streaks have they had? How many draws and losses have they had in their last five to ten games.

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Don’t be sentiment and make your predictions based on club names and past titles earned. A team with a big name might have a very good championship record in a certain league, but maybe losing form, or may have lost form in the present and ongoing season.

Examples may include AC Millan- a big name in the Italian league but currently out of form in the 2017/2018 season. Hence, toddling down the table.

Another example is the English league, Everton, currently out of form. Despite their big name and past glory, they are also spiralling down the premier league standings.

5.) Goal scoring abilities

Another factor to consider is goal scoring. In fact, this is my best factor of consideration. Most times, you’ll notice some teams score more goals than the other whether home away.

Getting your prediction right would involve you making an observatory long-term research on the team past current games. A lot of apps can help with this. Just go through the final results of each match, and you can get a clue.

All these principles and factors in getting your predictions for SportPesa has already been undergone and applied in well-researched games found in betloy.com. Betloy.com specifically analyses all games in all their right and possible outcomes. These games are well suited for the odds provided by bookies like SportPesa.

accurate footbal predictions


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