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  • October 30, 2017



The Need For Accurate Bet9ja Predictions

Bet9ja is the most sought out, most patronized, and most visited betting site in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Bet9ja offer a wide variety of options and categories to bet on multiple football and international leagues (higher divisions, lower divisions, relegation divisions, etc) and a handful of sports to place bets on, like Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Boxing, Hand Ball, Motor Sports and a lot more.

However, the reward of reaping the benefits of your investment in betting can only be achieved when you get a hundred percent accurate predictions on your games.



Getting accurate football predictions is key to enjoying the immense benefits of betting in bet9ja, and it requires some high level of work, research, and analysis, not just gambling blindly.

This can be a very daunting task because you are either staking so high on a few games or staking low on an accumulated amount of games. Either way, a hundred percent prediction accuracy is what you need to seal the Jackpot and you need to be an expert analyst or you employ the services of one.

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Like the saying goes, no risk is worth it, if it isn’t a calculated risk.


Here are some reasons why you need a Bet9ja Prediction Experts:

1.) Assists you in winnings:

Prediction experts are well equipped with the skills and knowledge of leagues and teams, how they play and what to expect per match. They forecast the possible outcomes and provide you with the data to assist you in winning your bets.

2.) You spend less and win more:

Subscribing to an expert sports prediction company would always pay out. The cost of subscription is nothing compared a number of winnings you will get, especially for high stakes.

3.) Saves you time and stress:

Forecasting multiple amounts of games to achieve numerous odds is always time-consuming and mentally draining. So except you are an expert, and have all the time in the world to predict about two to three four hundred games in a day with a close to hundred percent accuracy, then go ahead.

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4.) Provides you with the best possible odds:

Prediction experts don’t just click the buttons selecting random odds, or the most enticing high odds in a match. No! They select the best possible outcome, maximizing the favorable odds in each game as they forecast.

5.) Saves you cash:

You’ll eventually end up spending more cash than you would, if you were to be gambling your hard earned money on randomly selected games, or poorly forecasted games, without the expert prediction analyst’s touch.

Prediction experts for bookies like bet9ja and the likes can be found in betloy.com.

At betloy, our analysts and prediction experts spend a tireless amount of time researching and analyzing sports like football and tennis, to continue providing you with the best prediction service in the world.



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