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  • September 12, 2016

Football Prediction Markets You Should Look Out For

Football Prediction Markets You Should Look Out For

Everyone who is an avid football fan and also a consistent punter, would have a number of markets they look at before making their bets. Some people prefer to bet on goals, some prefer to bet on half time results , while some others prefer to gamble on Yellow cards and corners. You see the word “gamble” is in bold because betting on cards and corners is more or less a pure gamble. There is no real way to statistically predict football matches with how many yellow cards or how many corners a game would have.

In this post, we would try to highlight some markets people can consistently make profits from when keenly followed.


This is one betting market that has an average odd of 1.50 and above. Only very few games would have it less than 1.50 odds. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and a few other high scoring teams would have a low odd for this market.

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But for regular teams in regular divisions, if a proper analysis is done you can find value matches having 1.70 odds and above for this market.


A lot of people have made profits from predicting football matches that would end in 2 goals and above. That’s it, Just two goals in a 90 Minutes duration. This seems easy but you need discipline not to accumulate too many of this type of games.

Its not unusual to see people accumulate 14 of this type of games and having just one game cut slip.


This is one of the difficult but seemingly easy markets that exist in see this post . Both teams to score is best played for teams that have had most their head to head ending in BTTS. Of course it doesn’t have to follow this particular rule of thumb, but this is the most likely way to land a successful BTTS bet.


This market is for people who want to stake very high. The reason is; the average odd for this category is 1.05 – 1.11.

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You can do an accumulation of 4 or 5 of this games to get a decent odd. Then stake high on it. There are techniques used to select this type of games which would be discussed in another blog post.


There are a lot of opportunities that abound in this market. All you are looking for is a goal in the first half and you are smiling ear to ear to the bank. The average odd ranges from 1.35 – 1.50 for  a decent match.

These are a few categories we believe are gold mines in the field of predictions and betting. Feel free to tell us other markets you have deemed profitable in the comment below.


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