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  • December 23, 2016

Football Prediction: 5 Things You Need to Know

Football Prediction: 5 Things You Need to Know

Quite a lot of people look at services that provide football predictions and seem to think that a lot of work or thought doesn’t go into what is done. Which is largely false.

This post would attempt to address some known & unknown facts and further provide relevant knowledge when it comes to the field of soccer predictions.

What You Should Know About Football Prediction

Below are five points we have highlighted which may not encompass  all there is to know, but it provides a pathway to the information we want to pass across.

It Is Not As Easy As You Think

We have received countless emails and text messages hammering us on the work we professionally do with all our effort and skill, that the said individuals can do better than what we are currently doing. The funny thing is, we are always open to criticism and suggestions on how we can become better in the service we are rendering. So we reply them and ask them to send us their predictions for the next few days. Preferably 7 – 14 days.

The individuals accept the challenge and are more than happy to prove to us that they are better than us at our craft. So at the end of this test period, we realized that many people still achieved abysmal results. Not because they don’t know football or because they are bad forecasters, it’s just that they think deep in their minds that it is beans to do what we do.

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It is hard work predicting football matches, this field should never be trivialized as something that can be done while being asleep.

You Need To Follow Trends

Now to this second point. Many people think that because a team is supposedly known as a big team or they have always been winning means that that would forever be the case. Nothing can be further than the truth. For example, in previous years, football teams in the Egyptian league have always been playing UNDER 2.5 goals. But in 2016, we are seeing that a lot of goals are now being scored. It would not be a wise decision to use the past knowledge of how they play to judge the present case.

This is why it is very important to observe trends.

Take Note Of Certain Football Teams

This is also somewhat in relation to the previous point. While taking note of trends, you would observe certain teams that are very consistent for certain outcomes. For example, Pisa in Italy have always played UNDER 2.5 goals since the year began in every single one of their matches. Spennymoor in England have always produced an OVER 2.5 outcome. So while observing trends, make sure you take note of teams that consistently produce the same results.

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It’s Not Always About Stats

Many people seem to think that going to Flashscore to see statistical data or one of these many other stat sites are the most important things to look at while forecasting for a match. This is completely shallow. There are many other factors such as team psychology, motivation, fatigue, mentality, recent form Etcetera that contribute to the success or a failure of a team’s performance.

When attempting to predict a football game, it is important to look just beyond the figures.

Do Your Homework

Subscribing to a website that predicts football matches correctly is not entirely a bad idea, but you need to also do your own research because nothing can be 100% accurate or guaranteed. Take your time to also go through what was offered as a tip to see if edits can be made so that at the end of the day you are satisfied with the games you have played.

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