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  • October 11, 2016

Football Betting, Football Predictions, and the Game of Risk

Football Betting, Football Predictions, and the Game of Risk

Many times when we speak to people about sports betting and the need for football predictions, we usually get quite a number of people who are amazed by the insight we share. In this article, we are going to share that same perspective to many of our readers out there. This post is meant to be educative and in no way supports excessive gambling of any kind.

So, let us get to the creme de la creme of this article. We at Betloy have many times told quite a number of people that we see the football betting industry as an investment. You can actually compare this industry to the stock market prediction or any other investment plan you know such as Bonds, Treasury Bills etc. We are going to give reasons why this two parallels are indeed similar.

They Both Involve Risk

Nothing worth doing or investing in is ever risk free. Like the popular saying goes; “No Risk. No Reward”  Football betting, predictions and any other investment you would ever encounter is full of risks! What is the guarantee that the container of goods you are importing from China won’t capsize in the sea? or what is the guarantee that the new crops you just planted won’t be perished by pests?

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Possessing the mindset that betting on sports is just like any other investment, would enable punters take it more seriously and realize the potentials in this field.


It Takes A Good Deal of Research

To succeed in any venture with the expectations of making monetary returns, you cannot afford to jump in cluelessly. This is why quite a number of people fail in diverse businesses. The same applies to football. You do not expect to make maximum profits if the time is not taken to do extensive research. The same way in the stock market, you look at the strengths and weaknesses of the companies you want to stake your money on. You take into cognizance the past records and current situation of the company. This is exactly the same thing you would do in football. You have to look at a lot of parameters such as the form, the players ability, the mentality of the team, relevant statistics etc.

Just like any other investment needs a great deal of research, so also does football investment.

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Take Note of The Middle Men

This point is greatly elucidated in the stock market. The middle men are the Stockbrokers in this case. Their major function is to help each client find the best deal in the market which would provide profitable yields. The same can be said about football predictions; we have websites that provide forecast whose main function is to seek the best football matches you can stake on for profits.

This article was written to show how a lot of similarities exists between football betting and any other investment and why you should treat it as such. The same way you would not throw money carelessly when investing in something, is how you should behave also in football betting.

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