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  • November 21, 2017

Cash Out Anytime On Bet9ja and Nairabet

Cash Out Anytime On Bet9ja and Nairabet

Collect your winnings on Bet9ja and Nairabet before one game cuts your ticket

Have you ever played an accumulator of ten or more games on Bet9ja or Nairabet and seven, or more games have won and you want to cash out?

Have you experienced such dilemma of not seeing the “cashout” option available on Nairabet or Bet9ja, when you want to cash out?

Trust me when I say, you are not alone. We’ve been there before. In fact, countless times.

You see, as much as these bookies offer you a chance to win big money, they are all in for your money. But there is a remedy, and this post aims at arming you with the appropriate knowledge of how to play your bets and cash out at the right time. Stay with me on this.

Are you ready? Ok, lets shoot.

1. Know Your Bookie: knowledge is power.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the bookie you are signed to is very crucial. You should know their rules, guidelines, how they operate, how their betting system works etc. You can achieve all these by simply reading their terms of use and terms of condition. Everything you need to know to bet with ease is available.

Apparently, this first and foremost principle is always neglected by punters, who are always too eager to go straight to placing their bets and running into trouble later on.

2. Plan Your Bets: if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

Planning your bet is a very crucial part of winning. While many people resort to playing bets every day with little or no planning on their games which most likely would end on the wrong side of winning; only a few take out time to plan and would most likely have a reward for their labour.

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Having a betting plan is very important for a person intending to succeed as a sports bettor. Know which league works for you best, which teams, which prediction category (i.e BTS, overs and unders, FH/FT etc) and which days of the week these leagues and teams are playing, then plan ahead.

Planning your predictions ahead gives you more time to analyse the teams playing and produce a better probablity of selecting the right choices of predictions.

3. Timing Is Everything: Space Your Games.

Have you noticed how the games are scheduled in most leagues? Especially the favourites leagues like EPL, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and more? You’ll notice two or more games Scheduled to play simultaneously. They are almost played at the same times or just 30 minutes away from each other.

Spacing your games based on the fixture time when selecting them is very crucial to your cash out plan. When these games are played concurrently, the cash out option would never be available on bet9ja or nairabet. The cash out option would only be availabe when there are no active games playing on your tickets.

In contrast to this, I have noticed on few occasions that bet9ja sometimes offers the option for you to cash out when more than 50% of your games have been played and won, and you have only one active game playing. But the cash out option would only be clickable if this one active game is on a winning track.

4. Monitor Your Games: Sleeping on your games could make your games slip off

I have heard many people with the opinion of placing your bets and going to sleep. While this is mind relaxing and seems to be pschologically relieving, it could aslo prove detrimental especially for high stakers. Monitoring every ounce of your games is vital to those that regard sports betting as a secondary or tetiary part of income making, and those that invest in sport betting.

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There is sufficient time for you to sleep, only if your games are well spaced and timed like previously addressed above. But you must be awake once the next game commences to monitor your investmensts and know when to cashout. Always have a tab of your bookie opened in your browser to monitor when the cash out option becomes available as the game progresses.

5. Dont’t Be Greedy: Cash out when you can!

Have you made up to 50% profit or more? Then cash out when you can. Don’t be greedy.

Most people don’t understand that sport betting is not just gambling, but a system of profit and loss. Monitor your cash out price and compare it with the amount you staked. If its up to 50%, then you’ve made profit. You can cash out and rebet again if you choose to.

Don’t be hexed with the figures of your potential winnings. It could vanish in a twinkle of an eye. So learn to make do with what you have already earned, and bet again. It’s all about making profit on money staked, not winning all. There would be more games to be played and more bets to be staked. Remember this.


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