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How To Bet On Tennis – Tennis Betting Explained.

How To Bet On Tennis – Tennis Betting Explained.

Tennis betting is one of the most common sports to bet on in the world; nowadays there are tournaments that covered through the year so plenty of opportunities to get your bets in. Most bookies offer plenty of different markets and below we will walk you through how they work.

In a Normal Tennis Week, we have:

ATP Tours


WTA Tours

There are four Grand Slams Each year.

Australia Open (January)

French Open (May)

Wimbledon (July)

US Open (September)


Tennis Scoring System.

Tennis matches are made up of sets and games. Each player will serve a game, and this will alternate between each player every game. Each game is the first player to reach game point or 5 points. Scoring in a tennis game works like this 0, 15, 30, 40 then game. To win a game you must win game point and be 2 points clear of your opponent, but if both players are on 40 points, you must win 2 points in a row to win. This situation is often referred to as deuce, it’s then scored as an advantage and then game point. Each player must then win six games to win a set, but a player has to win by two clear games to win a set. If a player is not two games clear once he has reached 6 then one more game can be played and if he is 2 clear the player has won the set. If the set is drawn 6-6 then the set must go to a tie breaker, a tie breaker is a game that is the first to 7 points, but again a player must be 2 points clear so a tie breaker will be played until a player is 2 points clear. To win the match you must win 2 or 3 sets depending on the tournament (although it is always 2 sets for women).


Tennis Betting Techniques

Match Betting.

This is betting on the winner of an individual match, to win a match a player must win 2 or 3 sets depending on the tournament (although women’s is always two sets). Tennis is very simple as its only a two-way market meaning you can only have 2 results, either player A wins, or player B wins. This means all you need to do is select player A or player B to win and place your simple win bet. Most people use tennis betting for accumulators as odds tend to be a little short for singles.

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Set Betting.

Most bookies will allow you to bet on the correct score of tennis matches; this is very much like football or other sports. All you need to do is predict the score of a match in sets, for example, you pick 2-0 to player A and place the bet on that score, if player A wins 2-0 then your bet wins, but if there is any other score, then your bet will lose.


Win A Set Betting.

This is a simple 2 way win or lose bet. In Tennis you can bet on a player to win One of the sets (first set/Second set). This is by far the most valuable way to bet in Tennis. Most Times the bookies throw into oblivion the fact that Upsets is the rule of the game here, when dishing out odds.


Often in tennis, you will get one player who is much stronger than the other. So to even out the betting the bookie will place a handicap on the players, this means the stronger player will start with a minus figure and the weaker player with a plus. These handicap markets can be used to both set and game markets. These markets are often used by more experienced gamblers who expect a player to perform better or worse than the bookie expects.


Top Ten Tips To Rank In daily profits in Tennis

  1. In Tennis go for value and not odds. Avoid, as much as you can, betting on favorites, as Upset is the rule of the game in tennis.

2. Accumulation, is not an advisable route to take in tennis. Go for combo’s of 2-3 odds, and try to maintain consistency.

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3. Avoid obvious markets like match win. Rather, Go for Handicaps, Correct Scores, Win a set, Number of sets.

4. Take into consideration that, fatigue do set in. Some players, when experiencing Bad days, really play badly e.g Benoite Paire. So for these kind of players, no matter the odds, do not bank on them.

5. Also take into consideration, the surface. In tennis we have three surfaces- Hard, Clay, and Grass. A player may adapt very well on a particular surface, but Horrible on other surface (e.g Rafael Nadal Legeandary status on clay). Don’t be deceived by the ranking systems and the odds.The surfaces dictate the pace of the game. Hard courts are fast, and many players dont adjust easily to the fast pace of Hard court.

6. Head to Head and Rivalries are very strong indicators in a tennis match. Some players have strong rivaries that you must take note of. Example, Novak Djokovich is the World No. 1 but he has never beaten Stan Wawrinka in Big events like Grand Slam Final (They have met 3 times, with Stan winning all, securing his 3 grandslams in the process).

7. Avoid Betting on Players Like Novak Djokovich, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, because these players have established themselves, and have nothing to loose when they play. Also, the odds for these players are non-existent. Learn to look at striving players, not established players.

8. Player progression matters in tennis. A player’s last set of games are as important as their rankings, if not more. A player that keeps his level of peformance doesnt just suddenly drop it. So go for such players, that have been able to maintain their level of peformance, tournament to tournament. E.g Robin Haase.

9. Avoid Qualification matches. Wait until the main competition begins. The Patience will pay

10. Finally, Try your best to avoid female Tennis.

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