15 Reasons why you should start using bet365!!!

15 Reasons why you should start using bet365!!!

There are many good and awesome bookmakers around now, Local and international. Each have their own strengths and areas of weakness. However, as a bookmaker that has very minimal flaws, covers almost everything and does so excellently, provides more exciting bonuses than most, Bet365 topples all the rest as he best and here is why:

  1. Massive £200 Bonus

When you are starting out the main attraction for most to sign up with a bookmaker is how much they are going to get for free. In this case, it’s a 100% deposit match worth up to £200. In fact, it’s the biggest welcome bonus option in the betting industry. What’s great about the promotion is that bet365 are very outright in what you have to do to qualify and also what you have to do to reach any clearing requirements. You can simply log into your members section, click promotions and then it says how much you have in free bets and how much you need to wager.



  1. Huge Range of Sports and Markets

Too much choice isn’t always a good thing, but I think bet365 have their site laid out so that it just works.

They offer up a staggering number of sports and markets to bet on, covering just about anything and everything you can think of. Everything from futsal, volleyball, e-sports, UFC and everything in between.

What’s important is that even though there is lots on offer, you don’t need to ever see markets or sports that you don’t want to bet on. football games for example get over 200 markets to bet on now. Granted, the majority I don’t use, but it’s always nice to have them on offer for the times you are looking to mix it up a little.

  1. Live Streaming

The live streaming section from bet365 has arguably changed this section of the betting industry almost singlehandedly. Now they’ve included over a dozen different sports and some mightily impressive leagues around the world. Granted, they don’t have any silly rights for Premier League fixtures, and likely aren’t ever, but you can grab some good games from leagues such as Bundesliga, MLS, Serie A and others. That’s not to mention what’s on offer for other sports, with tennis now getting an insane number of matches to bet on.


  1. Acca Friendly Bet Slip

The bet slip is one of the most underrated features in online betting in my opinion. So many bookmakers offer massively substandard offerings when it comes to this feature and make it very hard for you to not only see combined odds for your slip, but to actually make the bet in the first place.

Bet365 have found a way that not only does your bet slip stay with you throughout your time on the site in the right hand sidebar, but when the games start, you can see the score for that game ticking over live.

Honestly, this might seem like a fairly ‘meh’ kind of feature, but I think it’s a godsend for an acca. It allows you to see exactly which games in your acca are either winning or losing, the time of the match and the ability to click on a match and head into the live betting console for that fixture.

  1. Cash Out and Slider

I’m trying to think who were the first to offer cash out on your bets, and whilst I don’t think it was bet365 (possibly Betfair?) they have certainly been able to take it to the next level.

For those of you who don’t know, the cash out feature from bet365 simply allows you to cash out your bet early, for a guaranteed, but reduced profit or loss than you would if you let it go till the end.The cash out section fantastic for acca bettors like you and I, as it allows us to cash out for healthy profits before an acca runs its course. As you will know, acca betting can be very volatile and even though you might have all 5 picks in your acca winning with 5 minutes to go, a single goal in just one of those 5 games could be the different between huge profits and huge frustration. The slider is a neat little accompaniment to this meaning you can choose how much of your bet you want to cash out. So, you can let some of your bet run, whilst locking in a profit from the other.

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  1. Fast Banking

One big issue with so many bookmakers is the time it takes to get hold of your winnings. Every bookmaker will allow to deposit in a matter of seconds, but most seem to want to take days, sometimes even weeks to then transfer any money back.

I do realise that it’s standard practice for most, but in this day and age, should it be?

Anyway, bet365 have always been really consistent with regards to payments. I use my Visa Debit card for all my transactions on site and any withdrawals will hit my bank within 24 hours. I’ve used a lot of sites and trust me when I say that this is about as good as you’re going to get.

It can get even better if you use an e-wallet account with withdrawals taking just a few hours, and some are even instant.

  1. Competitive Pricing

You can’t become one of the best bookmakers in the world if your pricing is not consistently higher than other bookmakers. Punters love value and they will simply head of elsewhere to find the best price available.

I’ve found that more often than not, bet365 are about as good a price as you are going to find in the industry. I’d guess that if they aren’t at the top for a certain market, they will be within 5-10%, which for smaller bets wont make a massive difference.

Having said that, as most of you will know, I am an advocate to use multiple bookmakers to find the best price, and for acca bets this could mean hundreds of pounds difference.

But, if I ever just want to stick a quick bet on or I’ve even not got time to check the competition, I know that whatever price bet365 give me, is going to be very competitive indeed.



  1. Game Stats

If you have read any of my strategy articles when you will know that I use the bet365 statistics section a lot. I love the way that you can quickly find the statistics for the game you are looking to bet on with just one click.

With each game you can access information such as form, head to head record, league position, average goals per game, top goal scorer and also previous betting odds. Bear in mind that all this information is free of charge and should be invaluable to most bettors.

I do have a slight niggle with this though and that’s because I’d just like to see a little bit more information on offer. Bet365 obviously use the same company to power their stats that a lot of bookmakers out there use. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I like to think of bet365 as an ‘out the box’ type of bookmaker that is always pushing the boundaries.

You see stats on a site like Win-Draw-Win that can be filtered by betting markets to see which teams will fair best for those markets. Whilst I realise emulating a site like Win-Draw-Win likely wont be possible, they could take the best bits from their site to make the statistics section totally epic!


  1. Awesome Betting Slip

The betting slip might seem like a strange inclusion, but it’s something that really ticks me off when bookmakers have a shoddy betting slip, especially for acca betting.

The first thing that I really like is you can actually see the odds of the combined acca without having to input any stake amount to see the returns. It sounds so simple, but there are so many bookmakers that never show the actual odds, just the returns. And I know that you just need to type ‘1’ unit into the bet slip to see, but it’s something that should be automatic in my opinion.

Bet365 is also awesome for acca’s as when the games from each acca starts, it shows you live scores for each game in the bet slip and also the time of the match. You can also click on each match to be taken to the games match centre to see the fixture in more detail.

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Don’t forget that the cash out slider that I mentioned above is also included in the bet slip, just adding to the huge range and depth of the bet365 bet slip.

  1. Match Center

Match Centre is a section that bet365 have worked hard to improve over the years and I think they have just about nailed it with the latest rendition.

The whole concept is based around being able to access the live betting markets quickly, but also to see how the game is panning out. Information from the centre includes latest score, number of corners, yellow/red cards, penalties, attacks, dangerous attacks and possession.

  1. Multi View

Multi View is another fairly new feature to the bet365 console, but it’s one that I really, really like! The concept of it allows you to include several live betting matches on to one screen. This then in turn means you can keep a check on the score and a host of live betting markets.

As an accumulator bettor there are few things better in the industry than simply selecting your acca, then adding your picks to the multi view section and sitting back to enjoy the ride. Being able to add as many games as you wish is one of the easiest ways in which to keep track of your picks, in my opinion.

On the multi view console you can change the layout to show each pick side by side or simply have them fit them page and view in a horizontal lists. Either way, it’s something that bet365 do better than anyone!


  1. Customer support

Customer support is an area that is often overlooked with betting sites, but just like any brand that you deal with, at some point you are likely going to need them for some sort of troubleshooting. With bet365 you not only have the ability to get in touch via free phone number for UK residents, but also via 24/7 email, live chat and even via post.

  1. Accs Bonus

At bet365 with every acca you place whether you’re a new account or an existing account, you can get a bonus on the acca that you palce. The amount of bonus winnings will depend on the number of games you have. Check the table below for a breakdown of what you can receive.

  1. Mobile App

 Majority of us are using our mobiles more and our laptops less. Even the traffic that comes through on Betloy now is primarily via mobile devices, so it comes as little shock to see bookmakers invest so much time and money to make better mobile sites.

Bet365, for me, have the best app in the industry at the minute, and I don’t even think it’s particularly close. The app first and foremost looks great on my smartphone and I can get to where I need be quickly, without having to jump through hoops or click some tiny button that my cumbersome fingers simply can’t make out.

On top of that I love how they have started including push notifications for live games. There are times where I might be out and about when games kicks off, but no matter where I am, I know how it’s getting on as they will send me a notification to my phone should a goal be scored in my highlighted match.

The app basically allows me to do a lot – not everything – that I can do from the laptop. Whether that be browse markets, stream live games, keep up to date with live scores and bet in-play, which is something that massively appeals to me.

  1. Biggest and Best!!!

There is something quite nice in knowing that I am using the biggest bookmaker in the world. It’s like anything, if you trust the brand then you are more likely to stick around, and with bet365, that definitely rings true for me. I know that chances are that my money is going to be safe, the site is always going to have all the betting markets I could ever need, it’s going to be really competitive when it comes to its pricing, they are going to provide me with great game coverage and probably most of all, they do all this better than anyone.

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