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15 Leagues And Teams That Boosts Football Prediction Accuracy

15 Leagues And Teams That Boosts Football Prediction Accuracy

Leagues and teams that guarantees Reward For Your Football Predictions

Football, or “the beautiful game” as the Brazilain soccer legend named it, is one of many sports with hundreds of leagues and teams spanning in hundreds of thousands worldwide.

There is virtually no country in the world that doesn’t have a feel for football.

People all over the world engage in football activities by either playing it actively as a footballer (locally or internationally), watching others play live in the field or stadium (via television-media channels and or social media), playing video games of football on consoles like the XBox and Playstation, or using mobile devices like a smartphone and laptops to play the game.

Others go the extra mile of buying into the market of their passion for this amazing game to make money through forecasting and predictions of possible and likely outcomes of each game, to stake on them.

But how to go about this, seeing that there are dozens of leagues and matches with several names of teams that are alien to you could be a demeaning factor.

The first thing to note is that all leagues are different, and played very differently irrespective of how familiar the teams may look. The kind of gameplay and level of seriousness dedicated to a match varies from league to league.

Accuracy in football prediction requires an in-depth knowledge of some basic facts and stats, but not limited to these facts and starts alone. Other options to consider are fitness, and team performance in the current season of play.

However, some leagues and teams have shown a considerable level of consistency in gameplay and match outcomes over the years which makes them more reliant when predicting and placing a bet.
Let’s see some of these leagues and teams, and know how they play and how best to predict when staking on them.



1. IRAN (Under 2.5 Goals)

I’ll start with my favourite IRAN leagues. There are two divisions in Iran, but the bookies only take stats and bookings on one, the Pro League.

Matches played here have recorded a daunting 96% rate of under 2.5 goals scored within 90 minutes of play, and under 1.5 goals in the first half.

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Watch out for leagues like this when booking your games, and be sure to predict an under 2.5 goals on games from this league.

2. KENYA (Under 2.5)

Matches played here have also recorded a high probabilistic outcome value of Under 2.5 goals in 90 minutes. They also have some renowned teams that hold an impressive record for home wins, and home goals e.g Sony Sugars and Rangers.


Yes! Not all leagues are plagued with goal drought. Italy division one is, of course, a hell of a league blessed with the rain of goals. Watch out of matches played in this league.

Your first ticket call should be? You’re right. Over 2.5 prediction should just do justice.

5. AUSTRIA (Over 1.5 Goals)

Leagues that play a heart feeling football, maybe for the fans, and for the punters would be found in Austria leagues.

Of course, supporters of teams want more than just a win, they want goals, and these teams actually get ”┬ájagonut” on it. A happy league for punters and bettors like you and I, knowing that these guys would most likely score more than two goals in 90 minutes, as the records and stats they’ve kept so far.

Your safest bet? Over 1.5 goals.

6. NETHERLANDS (Over 2.5 Goals)

This is another Country with Leagues that floods with goals. If you’re interested in staking bets on only over 2.5 matches, then you’re in the right league. Carefully select your games with teams of high scoring records, you’re free to go to sleep and wake up when the games are over, to see your account credited.

Your stake? Over 2.5, Both Team to score, Over 1.5 First Half.

7. ESTONIA (Over 2.5 Goals)

Ask about a goal swamp with massive odds to play with, then I’ll give you Estonia Esiliiga.

With a smashing high probability record of over 2.5 goals in 90 minutes and high odds for grabs. A good league to steal some multiplying effect of your tickets for a quantum leap in potential winnings.

Your bet? Over 2.5 goals.

8.) NIGERIA (Under 2.5)

Nigerian league has a high recorded probability of matches ending with under 2.5 goals. They also have a good record of home wins and which is a considerable prediction as well.

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Your bet? Over 2.5, Home Win, Home Win or Draw



Just like the under 2.5 trend goes for Italian lower division league. Teams like Pisa are also caught up in the saga, having a record of scoring under 2.5 goals in most of their matches.

Your stake? Under 2.5


The French league sometimes goes erratically, with teams having mood swings and spores of the moment. But teams like Paris FC has proven a consistent record of recording under 2.5 goals in almost all their matches.

Watch Out for them, and be sure to place a bet when they play.

Your stake? Under 2.5


The Netherlands is a team of goal scores on its own. These goal scoring abilities transcend not only to the leagues but to the teams in the league.

However, some teams have outstood themselves and maintained a greater percentage of consistency in goal delivery in their matches. OSS is one of the few. Don’t miss to place a bet on them.

Your Stake? Over 2.5 goal, Both Team To Score, Over 1.5 First Half


Just like they play in Kenyan league; the usual under 2.5 holds fondly for teams like Ranger, who most times finds the net in the first half.


My favourite Kenyan team. Be sure to place a bet once they are playing.

Your stake? Under 2.5, under 1.5 First Half


Spanish football, like they say is a league of goals. But over time, this stat has proven vain, with some teams lacking in delivery as they used to.

However, some teams like Real Madrid and their counterparts still maintain their potency in delivering classical finishes and goals in both ends, not minding to concede a goal.

Your bet? Over 2.5, Handicap (-1 or -2) (depending on the strength of the opponent), and Both Team to Score.


Just like R.Madrid, Barcelona has a very high scoring ability, with a redeeming factor of conceding fewer goals than their El-Classico counterparts.

Your stake? Over 2.5, Over 1.5 FH


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